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Who Are The Drone Responders and Why Should We Care?

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Charles Werner is Director of the DroneResponders, a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate preparedness, response and resilience using unmanned aircraft systems operated by public safety organizations around the world.  Charles Werner is the retired Charlottesville Virginia fire chief, a 44 year veteran of public safety and a FAA certified Part 107 remote pilot. He organized and is the Chair of the National Council on Public Safety UAS. He also serves on several local, state and national  committees and has authored more than 120 published articles on public safety.  In 2018, he was selected as Homeland Security Person of the Year by Homeland Security Today Magazine for his work on public safety UAS.  In this edition of the Drone Radio Show, Charles talks benefit of creating a grass roots UAS ecosystem to facilitate learning, knowledge transfer and best practices on the use of UAS in public safety.

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