In a 4-part series, I interview industry analysts, writers and editors with diverse opinions and perspectives on the industry.  They’ll provide a range of insights on are some of the industry’s current topics and trends.  By the end of the series, you should have a good sense of where industry is going and how you can position yourself to take advantage.  First up is Patrick Egan, editor of the Americas Desk at sUAS News and host and Executive Producer of the sUAS News Podcast Series, Drone TV and the Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition. Patrick also serves as the Director of Special Programs for the Remote Control Aerial Photography Association. Patrick has spent the last 15 years working as a proponent for the business use of unmanned aircraft systems. If you’ve ever read some of Patrick’s news articles or posts on Twitter, where he goes by The Drone Dealer, you’ll soon find that he some strong opinions.  In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Patrick talks about the drone industry in 2019, the outlook for 2020 and he shares his thoughts on what’s holding the industry back and what could be done to move it forward.

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