Tal Fromchenko is Co-founder and CEO of FlyThere, a new start up that lets people remotely fly drones all around the world from their own laptops. It’s an immersive way to experience the world without actually traveling.  Tal has several years in the software industry and with tech start ups. FlyThere is his most recent venture and offers exciting opportunities for people wanting to travel and fly drones.  In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Tal talks about the origins of the company, how users can easily and safely pilot a drone in far away lands and how real time remote flying could change the we travel.

Key Points
  • Tal Fromchenko is a serial entrepreneur, loves innovation and thinking out of the box. His newest venture will let you fly a drone in an exotic place from the comfort of your home.
  • The co-pilot is in an exotic location with his drone. Once you’re connected via audio, you click the button you’re flying the drone.
  • You have full control of the drone. The co-pilot there to intervene in case something happens and to set the flight parameters according to the specific terrain.
  • You can now fly a drone in Cancun, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Thailand and soon, Norway.
  • Remote flying drones. Is this the beginning of a new travel entertainment trend?  The people at Fly There believe it is. 
  • More and more, entertainment is featuring real world experiences. Real time remote flying drones are looking to find a niche in this trend.
  • The responsibility for following rules and regulations, worrying about batteries and preventing crashes is on the co-pilot. All you have to do in enjoy flying the drone
  • When you start out driving a car, you have an instructor ready to take control of the vehicle. Same holds true with the co-pilot who flies along with you.
  • The Fly There model is very much like Airbnb or Uber, where you have the operators proving a service to users that fly their drones. 
  • He thought he had a great idea, but was turned down by several investors before eventually creating the proof of concept and gaining traction. 
  • Believe in yourself and listen to your gut, because people will give you tons of ideas to change this and to change that. You should listen, but eventually it’s your decision, it’s your company and you need to build it according to your vision. 
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