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The Voice Of Drone Racing – Joe Skully, FPV Racing Events

Drone Radio Show July 19, 2016 44 1

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to call a great drone race?

 Joe Skully is the race director and commentator for FPV Racing Events, a premier event company specializing in first person view race management and production.  With a background of Rodeo and Motorsport Announcing spanning 13 States and 4 Provinces, Scully brings engaging commentary, sound effects and action soundtracks together in a polished style that entertains, educates and informs everyone from first-time spectators to seasoned participants.  In this show, Joe talks about what makes a great drone racing event and what you should look for when attending an FPV drone race.

In This Episode

  • [01:26] Meet Joe Skully.  Joe Skully is the Race Director and Commentator for FPV Racing Events.  Joe has been with FPV Racing Events for more than a year.  Joe’s experience as a commentator goes back to motor sports and rodeos, where he several years honing his craft.
  • [07:45] Comparisons to Rodeo. A rodeo lasts a matter of seconds, where a drone race lasts several minutes.  Both are fast with a lot of energy.  There are several minutes in between events that require commentary to keep the crowd involved and the event moving.
  • [11:09] What Makes a Great Drone Racing Event.  Joe talks about the factors that make a great drone race and how FPV Drone Racing Events differentiates itself from other organizations by producing quality races and lots of opportunities for pilots to fly.
  • [15:10] the FPV Racing Events Team.  Joe talks about the key team members responsible for producing the high quality events.  His team consists of individuals with logistics, social media and video and technology skills.
  • [22:33] Services.  Joe outlines the services that FPV Racing Events provides to race organizers, ranging from complete race production and design to providing commentary.
  • [25:48] Experiences.  Although Joe is relatively new to drone technology, over the past year, he has acquired a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the requirements and needs of pilots, race organizers and spectators.  In this segment, Joe shares that experience.
  • [35:21] Expectations. For the races that Joe is involved, spectators should expect to see a race, know who’s in it, who’s leading and when it’s finished, who won.  Pilots should expect to fly as much as possible with the least amount of time between races.  And race organizers should expect to have well run, successful race.
  • [37:51] Game Changer.  Live streaming of drone racing events is seen as the medium that will change the face of drone racing.  When the quality of video streaming reaches television, more sponsors will enter the sport and the sport will grow.
  • [40:35] Upcoming Events.  Check out the FPV Racing Events website for upcoming racing events sponsored by FPV Racing Events.
  • [43:09} Final Comments. Joe feels the sport of drone racing is still in its early stages.  There are several challenges that need to be addressed, but if all parties work together.

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Joe Skully and the FPV Racing Events Team
Joe Skully and the FPV Racing Events Team
Joe Skully and FPV Racing Events in Action
Joe Skully and FPV Racing Events in Action

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  1. Bob Johnson on July 19, 2016

    Joe Scully is a Thought Leader in FPV racing. Great 411 and look forward to F3 Expo in Georgia Nov 2016. Bob Johnson-Atlanta

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