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Ever wonder what it would be like to pilot an underwater drone?

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Christine Spiten is the Co-Founder & Chief Global Strategist for Blueye Robotics, a Norwegian based company that seeks to develop and sell the world’s finest drone for underwater exploration. The company launched a new product, the Blueye Pioneer, a prosumer personal drone capable of reaching depths of 150 meters and providing an unparalleled user experience.  In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Christine talks about Blueye Robotics, the new Blueye Pioneer underwater drone and the rewards of exploring, first hand, our oceans and seas.

In This Episode
  • [02:07] Blueye Robotics and the Blueye Pioneer Drone. Blueye robotics manufactures underwater drones for the prosumer market.  The Blueye Pioneer is about the size of a prosumer aerial drone and is capable of reaching depths of 150 meters. It can be controlled with a smart device or the handheld transmitter. It also comes with a head set that allows the user to feel fully immersed in the underwater experience. The Pioneer has a 2 hour battery life. The Blueye Pioneer was developed for prosumers and anyone that wants to experience the underwater environment. The interface was designed with the user in mind, connecting to smart devices and being highly mobile. The drone has LED lights and a camera that preserves the native colors of the marine life and environment.
  • [11:18] The User Experience. The Blueye Drone is very quiet underwater, allowing users to get close to marine life. It has a very sophisticated design for moving through the water. The controls give the user full control of the drone and the thruster are powerful and provide stable maneuverability.  Finally, the camera is able to retain true colors at low light levels.
  • [16:07] Blueye Pioneer Cost and Availability. On June 28, Blueye announced the availability of the Blueye Pioneer as the first Prosumer drone that allows most people to explore what they have never been able to before. The company is pre-selling the Pioneer for delivery in 2018 for $3,000.
  • [17:00] Experiences. Using the Blueye Pioneer, researchers discovered a new species of octopus under the arctic icecaps. Christine shares her first time using the Blueye to investigate underwater litter and its impact on the environment.
  • [22:43] Christine and the Ocean. Christine has always been drawn to the water, from a little girl gazing into the depths with a mask. She talks about how her love of the oceans led her into marine research. She’s had experience using the industrial grade Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) to study the ocean floor.
  • [27:55] Starting the Company. Christine started Blueye Robotics to fill a void in the prosumer market and to allow more people to experience the underwater world. She talks about how she teamed up with other researchers, building her team and attracting investors.
  • [31:36] Perspectives. Christine shares her thoughts on the rewards of creating Blueye Robotics and her love of the ocean.
  • [34:27] Lessons Learned. For those trying to start their own business or create a new product, Christine’s advice it to never give up.  Keep your commitment to your vision and if you encounter a “no”, find other people or avenues to move forward.
  • [37:17] Closing. Christine’s ultimate hope is that Blueye Robotics will help democratize the oceans, allowing everyone the opportunity to experience, study and view the oceans.
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