Top 10 DRS Podcasts For 2018

This year’s top ten most downloaded Drone Radio Show podcasts includes 3 podcasts on industry trends, 3 podcasts related to building a drone based business and four podcasts on a range of topics. Two women are featured in this year’s Top Ten.  Some really great stories and use cases can be found in these interviews.  They were great the first time around and they’re worth another listen.

Number 1: Value of Relationships To A Drone BusinessNicole Abbett of “From Where I Fly” talks about her path from artist/photographer to droneographer, how building strong relationships landed her some great opportunities and what she’s done to build a successful commercial drone based business.

Number 2: Making Money Shooting Real Estate – Josh Boughner of “Sold By Air” discusses how drones are used in the real estate market and what drone operators should expect if they want to make money shooting real estate.

Number 3: The Next Generation UAV Engines – Alec Shkolnik of “Liquid Piston” talks about the company’s revolutionary engine and its potential value and impact on the military and commercial UAV sectors. challenges.

Number 4: XCEL Energy and BVLOS Operations – Mark Nisbet of “Xcel Energy” shares the company’s history of using drones and its plans for flying beyond visual line of sight.  Joined by Nick Flom (Northern Plains UAS Test Site) & Wes Shover (Grand Forks Region Economic Development), the trio also talk about economic development.

Number 5: Bold Predictions for the Worldwide Drone Industry – Jeremiah Karpowicz of the “Commercial UAV News” shares insights into those predictions and discusses the 2018 Commercial UAV Expos in Europe and the United States.

Number 6: Building a Drone Based Business in 2018 –  Matthew Johnson of “M3 Aerial Productions” talks about the challenges of creating a drone based business in today’s climate and how operators can achieve a positive cash flow with multiple income streams.

Number 7: The Drone Integration Pilot Project Earl Lawrence of the “FAA” talks about the objectives of the Drone Integration Pilot Program and the role that the 10 pilot communities will play in integrating drones into the national airspace.

Number 8: How Drones Are Used In Conflict Areas – Gail Orenstein, “Drone Photographer”  shares her 25 year history as a photojournalist, how she began using drones and how the technology has opened a new passion for telling stories.

Number 9: Five Trends That Defined the Drone Industry in 2017 – Colin Snow of “The Drone Analyst” gives us a year-end review of the drone industry and offers insights into what we may see in 2018. 

Number 10: A Drone Industry Perspective – Ian Smith of “Drone Deploy” and “Commercial Drones FM Podcast” talks about current products and services, how the drone industry has changed in the past two years and he what it’s been like to producing his incredibly successful podcast on the dron industry.

The Top Ten DRS Podcasts are based on the number of downloads registered in the first 90 days of the date the podcast was published.