Top 10 DRS Podcasts For 2017

This year’s top ten most downloaded Drone Radio Show podcasts includes 2 podcasts on industry trends, 1 podcast on compliance with regulations and seven on various applications and services.  Some really great stories and use cases can be found in these interviews.  They were great the first time around and they’re worth another listen.

Number 1: The DJI-Marriott Drone Experience. Bill Chen (DJI). Bill Chen of DJI  talks about DJI, a unique travel partnership with Marriott, and how the Drone Experience Program gives vacationers the option to learn how to fly a drone.

Number 2: Seven Predictions for the Commercial Drone Industry. Jeremiah Karpowicz (Commercial UAV Expo) and Chris Korody (Drone Business Center) talk about 7 key predictions for 2017 and what they mean to the commercial drone industry.

Number 3: The New Drone Marketplace. Derek Waleko, CEO of Up Sonder, talks about how drone owners and operators can make money with their drones using Up Sonder and the company’s quest to solve world energy and drinking water challenges.

Number 4: Training To Be A Drone Operator. Abby Speicher, CEO of DART Drones, talks about how she started the UAV training company, the courses offered and how the company is preparing this generation’s UAV pilots for the commercial drone industry.

NuSiggi Hindricksmber 5: From Idea To Drone Start Up. Siggi Hindricks, Entrepreneur, talks about her idea (Notifleet) to help companies scale their drone fleets, the benefits and opportunities of working in a tech accelerator and the challenges and rewards of creating a new tech start-up.

Number 6: Drones and Aerial Mapping Systems. Lorenzo Martelletti, Director of Sales and Marketing at Pix4D, talks about aerial mapping systems, 3D modeling and how Pix4D’s UAV products and services are supporting a wide array of industries throughout the world.

Number 7: The Rewards of a Drone Based Business. Niel Guilarte, Owner and Chief Creative at Wildstyle Media Group, talks about how drones became a part of his business and lessons learned in buying and using a drone, and some of the rewarding experiences he’s had along the way.

Number 8: 2016 Drone Industry in Review. Colin Snow, CEO of SkyLogic Research shares some of the findings of the firm’s analyses from 2016, talks about current trends and he shares some things we should look for in 2017.

Ryan EnglishNumber 9: Drones and Public Safety. Ryan English of FLYMOTION Unmanned Systems talks about how UAVs are used in hazardous safety situations, the value of drones to public safety organizations and the challenges $ rewards of starting a public safety UAV-based business.

Steven Flynn

Number 10: Rewarding Compliance in the Drone Industry. Steve Flynn, CEO of SkyTango, talks about SkyTango, the challenges of starting a UAV business and introduces the concept of rewarding compliance in the drone industry to help promote long-term economic sustainability.


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