Top 10 Podcasts of 2016

This year’s top ten most downloaded Drone Radio Show podcasts includes 2 podcasts on Part 107, 2 on running a successful videography business, 1 on drone racing, 2 on the drone industry and 3 podcasts on different companies or drone services.  Thanks for downloading and listening to these stories.  Look for more exciting stories in 2017.

#1 A Drone Based Business That Lasts

Wendell Adkins, Perfect Perspectives

Wendell Adkins is the founder of Perfect Perspectives; a leading close range unmanned aerial service company. In 2005, he turned his hobby into a business by creating Perfect Perspectives which deliver’s high quality video content. A few years later, he created the Drones for Work division which specializes in inspections of industrial and electrical infrastructure. In this episode, Wendell talks about his video and infrastructure divisions, the lessons learned over the past 11 years, and how we can build and sustain a successful drone based business.

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#2 Part 107 Is Here and What Does That Mean?

Jonathan Rupprecht, Rupprecht Law

Jonathan Rupprecht is an attorney specializing in drone law. On June 21, 2016 the FAA released the long awaited Part 107 rules for commercial drone operation. In this episode, Jonathan talks about the rule and what commercial drone operators need to know as it goes into effect.

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#3 All In On A Drone Videography Business

Reese D’Aquin, Flying Home Productions

Reese d’Aquin is a pilot, CEO and founder of Flying Home Productions, an Orlando based photography and video production company. In this episode, Reese talks about what it’s like to start a new drone videography business, some of the typical ups and downs a start-up faces and why he left a secure job in hopes of pursuing a passion with a drone.

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#4 Designing For Drones

Luis Quehl and Ian Hughes, LowePro

Luis Quehl and Ian Hughes are recreational drone pilots and product designers at LowePro. What started as a hobby quickly turned into the quest to produce the newest line of travel bags. In this episode, they talk about the design process, how their interest in drones resulted in new product that others can use, and the unique features in the bags that drone users should appreciate.

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#5 The Voice Of Drone Racing

Joe Scully, FPV Racing Events

Joe Skully is the race director and commentator for FPV Racing Events, a premier event company specializing in first person view race management and production. With a background of Rodeo and Motorsport Announcing spanning 13 States and 4 Provinces, Scully brings engaging commentary, sound effects and action soundtracks together in a polished style that entertains, educates and informs everyone from first-time spectators to seasoned participants. In this episode, Joe talks about what makes a great drone racing event and what you should look for as a pilot or spectator when attending an FPV drone race.

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#6 The Measure / DJI Partnership

Dave Bowen, Measure

Dave Bowen is Managing Director of Special Projects for Measure. In 2016, Measure, a US commercial drone operator and DJI, a leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles announced a partnership to pair UAV technology with operational expertise to support commercial enterprise customers. In this episode. Dave talks about the partnership, how it works and the benefits to commercial drone operators.

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#7 Delving Into the Drone Industry

Colin Snow, Drone Analyst

Colin Snow is CEO and Founder of Skylogic Research and Advisors, a consulting firm for the commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) industry. Colin is a 25 year technology industry veteran, In this edition, Colin talks about the trends in the drone industry, the services available through Drone Analyst and what we might see in the future as commercialization of the drone industry continues.

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#8 Get Ready For Part 107

Tim Trott, Author and Instructor

Tim Trott is a Certified Instructor for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducting training in various aspects of UAS operation. He is the author of a study guide, called “UAS Operations: Preparing to Meet the Anticipated FAA Knowledge Test Requirements for UAS Operator and/or Pilot UAS Rating”. In this episode, Tim talks about his study guide and a video course that helps drone pilots and operators prepare of the requirements of Part 107.

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#9 Stories Of The Drone, Vol. 1

Jason Reagan, Writer

Jason Reagan is a communications professional with 18 years of experience in communications, news, marketing and information technology. He is a regular contributor to on-line magazine, Drone Life. In this show, Jason talks about recent stories on drones and law enforcement, conservation, the drone deterrence industry, FAA enforcement and humanitarian use.

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#10 Fully Autonomous Drones

Arial Avitan, Percepto

Arial Avitan is the Chief Commercial Officer for Percepto, an Israeli based company that develops hardware and software to enable drones to fly and perform tasks autonomously. Their boards use computer vision software and several sensors to give drones the ability to perform complex flight and commercial tasks in a more accurate, safe and effective way. In this episode, Arial talks about Percepto, their innovative products and their efforts to create fully autonomous drones for the commercial sector.

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