What do you do when the Drone Industry gives you lemons?

If you ask today’s guests, they would say “find a way to make lemonade.” Steven Flynn and his wife Susan Talbot are the owners of Sky Tango, a global drone services marketplace, providing job booking, support and aerial footage sales worldwide. Their story mirrors many entering the drone industry – a great idea, a start-up and a journey into the unknown.

With a combined 40 years experience in Film and Television production, in 2012 Susan and Steve set out to create a successful drone videography business  They were one of the first commercially licensed remote aerial filming companies in Ireland. In 2015, they launched the SkyTango marketplace, and soon after, they were connected with investors and potential major partners. Things looked promising, but in early 2018, the wheels started to come off, and Susan and Steve were forced to walk away from a major deal that just a few months earlier, looked so promising.

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Susan and Steve reevaluated their business model, applied what they had learned and launched a new service. In this edition of the Drone Radio Show, Susan and Steve talk about the challenges of creating their drone start-up, whey they chose to walk away from a big deal and how that experience helped them redefine their company’s focus.