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Show Notes – What We Tweeted

  • Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch talks about drones in the Great Plains, Autonomous Friendly Corridor, Drone Focus and much more.
  • The Tech Ranch is a weekly radio show about technology for every day use.
  • While drone use is rising across the country, drone activity may be relatively light in rural areas.
  • One has to go to Fargo, 200 miles to the east to begin seeing signs of a growing and vibrant drone industry.
  • It is not uncommon to see futuristic drones flying overhead.
  • In Fargo, One Million Cups provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to tap into the collective power of the local community.
  • The story of Botlink illustrates the power of a good One Million Cups meeting.
  • Is Highway 83 ripe for an Autonomous Friendly Corridor? Marlo Anderson thinks it is. 
  • For the past two years, Emerging Prairie in Fargo has hosted Drone Focus, a 2-day conference for drone companies and policy makers.
  • Marlo Anderson of The Tech Ranch shares his perceptions of Drone Focus and the benefits derived to those who attend.
  • Wonder where all those national day celebrations come from?  Give credit to Marlo Anderson and  his company National Day Calendar.
  • National Day Calendar receives more than 18,000 requests for days to be designated, from which, they select about 30 days annually to add to the calendar. 
  • Entrepreneurs need to be persistent and committed to their vision and stick with it through the ups and downs of starting a business.
  • Rather than Amazon managing over 1 million deliver drones, what if we all owned our own drone to pick up our stuff when we needed it?
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