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Steam Education Offers Path to UAS Career

Drone Forward
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“This is not just a story about the internet, not just a story about cell phones and social media, but rather how a new technology in the air can really change politics on the ground.”

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This Week’s Key Question

“Can a STEAM based education program empower youth to pursue a fulfilling career path in the UAV industry?”

This Week’s Guests

Jesse Pacheco is Founder and CEO of Drone Forward, a nonprofit organization with the goal of solidifying the link between education and future jobs in the unmanned systems field. Drone Forward’s mission is to strengthen the contributions of robotics and unmanned vehicle technologies to the US economy. It does this by providing youth in diverse American communities with educational opportunities and experiences that lead to drone related careers of the future.

Over the course of his career, Jesse has designed and implemented comprehensive organizational structures to enrich the quality of client services in the companies he worked. His dedication to creating and facilitating community activities for organizations has contributed to significant growth and clientele retention. In 2019, he founded Drone Forward as force to advance STEAM principles through unmanned vehicles

What We Learn

In this edition of the Drone Radio Show, Jesse talks about Drone Forward, what makes this organization different from other STEAM programs and he shares his excitement in introducing young adults to a variety of rewarding drone careers.

In This Episode

  • Introduction.  Jesse Pacheco is Founder and CEO of Drone Forward, a nonprofit program that provides drone related education to students that would otherwise be unable to experience it.  The organization is based in Boston, but it deploys programming all over the country via the internet.  The programs are designed to develop STEAM skills in diverse individuals and empowering communities with education on drone technologies.
  • What Makes This Program Different: Drone Forward program isn’t like other STEAM education programs. Drones are not just a great way to teach kids vocational skills. They can be used to introduce young adults to viable careers that they can pursue.  For example, kids can learn what someone in marketing or finance does.  If a young person enjoys the electronic circuitry in drones, the program can introduce them to local electricians where they can see how those skills can translate into a real job – a job that will never become automated or obsolete.  The program exposes students to viable career paths that they may not even be aware of.
  • Youth Consulting Program. The Drone Forward Youth Consulting Project is designed to teach the entrepreneurs and business leaders of the future the key skills that separate successful business leaders from everyone else.  Youth consultants work with a company in the drone or robotics industry on a current problem that the company is struggling to overcome. They are exposed to some of the latest technologies and are able to see what types of problems the leaders of the future need to solve. Youth consultants in the program go through many of the same processes professional consultants go through. Some of youth consultants may realize they have a gift for business consulting and want to pursue that career. Youth consultants will also have the opportunity to uncover many skills that lead to fulfilling business careers in areas such as marketing, research and development, and management.
  • Some Insights. Classes are built around the passion and experience of the instructors, who come from different sectors of the drone industry.  They create a specialized course, perhaps in photography, drone race course design, or mapping. The instructors bring a different kind of internal passion, which creates for a deeper learning experience.
  • Closing. Jesse closes by saying that Drone Forward is really a gateway into a very new industry that offers a chance for young people to experience all that is possible in drone industry.  Young adults have an opportunity to learn skills and find career paths that they will enjoy and find sustainable. Drones are really catalysts that help propel people in career paths that they will always find fulfilment.

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