Just how rewarding can it be to fly a drone?

Niel Guilarte is the owner and Chief Creative at Wildstyle Media Group, a professional digital media/content company in in Tampa, Florida, and a drone enthusiast who took up flying drones one year ago.  Initially a hobby, drones are now part of his production business. Niel is also a podcaster, coach and public speaker, His weekly podcast, All Things Post, highlights the talented magicians behind the scenes in film, television, video,music, arts & more.  In this episode, Niel talks about how drones became a part of his business and lessons learned in buying and using a drone, and some of the rewarding experiences he’s had along the way. He also shares his podcast and introduces to us to a documentary he’s directing where he used a drone to capture aerial footage.

In This Episode

  • Introduction.  Niel Guilarte is owner and Chief Creative of Wildstyle Media Group in Tampa, FL.
  • Interest In Drones. Niel always had an interest in remote controlled aircraft.  He worked with the Orlando Police Department and would routinely use aerial images taken by the Department’s helicopter.  He knew he had to have a drone after seeing one hover over the Citrus Bowl several years ago.
  • First Drone. After doing a lot of research, Niel settled on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro as his first drone. The deciding factor for the Phantom 4 was its sense and avoid capabilities, which Niel felt would make learning to fly the drone easier. Niel’s advice to those interesting in buying a drone is to decide what you want to do with a drone first, then look for the model that will best help you achieve that goal. Resist the temptation to buy the latest and greatest drone just because it’s new, because next year, there will be a whole line of new drones.
  • From Hobby Drone to Commercial Drone. Initially, Niel purchased the Phantom 4 as a hobby drone, but after gaining flight experience, he quickly transitioned to using the drone commercially. The primary use to date has been filming sequences for a documentary called, “The Messengers”, a movie about podcasters and the field of podcasting. Niel is director and editor for the movie. The movie team traveled to Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Los Angeles, Orlando and Jacksonville, where Niel used the drone to capture footage for the film…
  • Growing Experiences. Like many drone enthusiasts, Niel has started to expand his knowledge and areas of interest. He’s taken up drone racing and spending time learning new and advance flight and filming techniques. Most of his flying occurs on farmland outside of Orlando, FL.
  • All Things Post. Niel is creator and host of All Things Post, a podcast that showcases the talented magicians behind the scenes in film, television, video, music, the arts and more.  Each episode features post production professionals, workflow advice, techniques, highlights, stories and successes in order to inspire and educate others. Niel talks about the podcast and how it led to the making of the movie, “The Messengers.”
  • Drone Community. Niel shares his observations on the drone community, as a very open and inviting group of people. We may not have anything in common with someone, but bring out a drone and a conversation will start. Friendships have evolved across the world over interest in drones.
  • Future Plans. Niel’s future plans are to continue to perfect his flying skills and eventually, acquire a larger drone capable of carrying the larger commercial grade cinematography cameras.
  • Final Comments.
  • Closing.

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