Researching the Drone – Dan Gettinger, Bard College

gettingersmAre you trying to get an objective, thorough assessment of the key issues facing the drone industry? Then you’ll be interested in hearing what this week’s guest on the Drone Radio Show has to say.

Dan Gettinger is the founder and co-Director of the Center for the Study of the Drone. The Center was created in 2012 at Bard College as an interdisciplinary research, education and art community working to understand unmanned and autonomous vehicles. It encourages thinking which isn’t limited by departmental lines or political views and is open to all visions of the drone.  Dan is here to talk about the Center and some of the research that may affect the future of the commercial drone industry.

Show Outline

  • [01:27] What is the Center for the Study of the Drone?
  • [02:32] Type of research conducted by the Center
  • [03:37] How the Center is organized within Bard College
  • [04:26] How are students involved
  • [05:03] Current research projects
  • [06:44] Section 333 exemption database
  • [08:07] Drone near miss database & initial findings
  • [11:50] Backlash and additional research
  • [12:32] About the Center’s weekly newsletter
  • [13:55] How Dan became involved in the drone field
  • [14:45] What Dan has learned since being involved with the Center
  • [15:25] Key issues facing the drone industry today
  • [16:30] Policy initiatives worth examining
  • [17:35] Advice to those seeking to develop a drone based business
  • [17:23] Future for the Center and research in the works
  • [19:17] What can be done to address people who misuse drones?
  • [20:32] What Dan hopes people leave with after visiting the Center for the Study of the Drone Website

Mentioned Links

Center for the Study of the Drone (www.dronecenter.bard.edu/)

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