Protecting Against Next Generation Drone Threats

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“The next evolution is automated system going after automated system.  And it’s kind of mind-boggling when you think about that.  You know, here comes a swarm attack, fully automated, and it’s being defended by an autonomous system.  Who wins that battle?”

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This Week’s Key Question

“How Can We Protect Against Drone Swarms and Other Next Generation Threats?”

This Week’s Guests

Ken Geyer is CEO and co-founder of Liteye Systems, Inc and Keven Gambold, CEO and co-founder of Unmanned Experts. Liteye Systems is a world leader and technology solutions manufacturer and integrator of military and commercial Counter UAS systems. Unmanned Experts is a world-leading provider of Subject Matter Expertise in the fields of autonomous robotics, swarms, UTM, and mass data. The companies recently formed a partnership to address drone swarms.

Ken is an entrepreneur who launched eight companies, including co-founding and starting Liteye back in January 2000. From virtual reality hardware & software to the new frontier of counter unmanned systems, his focus has been on developing, and advancing products that provide end-users with the tools to achieve their goals.  Keven completed 21 years of active duty service with the Royal Air Force as a front-line combat pilot. He has more than 1500 hours in Tornado GR4 fast-jets as well as over 1500 hours of unmanned combat missions. He completed his tours as the senior Standards Evaluator and the project officer for both Multi-Aircraft Control and Advanced UAV Cockpit programs.

What We Learn

Ken and Keven talk about their respective companies, the current state of UAS threats and the evolving threats posed by UAS Swarm technology.

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