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The Measure / DJI Partnership – Dave Bowen, Measure

Drone Radio Show September 6, 2016 1

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Have you been wondering how the recent collaboration between Measure and DJI will benefit commercial drone operators?


bowenDave Bowen is Managing Director of Special Projects for Measure.  In 2016, Measure, a US commercial drone operator and DJI, a leading manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles announced a partnership to pair UAV technology with operational expertise to support commercial enterprise customers. In this episode. Dave talks about the partnership, how it works and the benefits to commercial drone operators.  He also give an update on what’s happening at Measure, especially, Measure’s Franchise program.

In This Episode

  • [01:30] Introduction.  Meet Dave Bowen of Measure, where he leads innovative programs for the company.
  • [02:21] Measure – DJI Partnership.  Dave explains the Measure – DJI Partnership and describes how it will benefit both companies and their respective clients.
    • [03:31] Involvement.  Currently, the partnership brings individuals from both companies together to work on projects, but as the collaboration matures, look for a more seamless approach.
    • [04:25] How It Came About. The Partnership evolved naturally out of each company’s desire to support their clients needs.
    • [04:50] Industries That Will Most Benefit. Industries that will most benefit are the news gathering industries, agriculture, insurance claim assessment, infrastructure inspections and others.
    • [05:57] How It Will Work. Measure and DJI will coordinate on various projects to deliver solutions designed around the user.  In most cases, the user won’t notice any changes.
    • [08:42] Roll-Out. The Partnership will be rolled out over the coming months, initially through a set of projects that both companies have committed.  Eventually the partnership will evolve into more ongoing services.
    • [09:44] Benefits to Measure & DJI – DJI will benefit by gaining access to large commercial clients, while Measure will benefit by the access of DJI’s products and technology.
  • [11:37] Measure Update.  Dave provides an update on Measure, the efforts to create a Franchise program and the impacts of Part 107.
  • [13:24] Part 107 Impacts.  While Part 107 makes it easier for commercial operators to fly drones, it doesn’t really impact Measure, as Measure serves large Fortune 500 companies.  It will expand the pool for drone pilots, but due to the nature of the work that Measure specializes in, the company still maintains high standards for drone operators, which would in most cases, exceed a Part 107 certificate only.
  • [17:48] Measure Franchise Program. Dave explains Measure’s franchise program and how it will work. The ideal franchise operator is someone or a partnership that has experience in aviation and/or unmanned aviation and also has business experience.
  • [20:35] Part 107 Industry Implications. Dave shares his thoughts on what Part 107 might mean for the drone industry.  It will expand the numbers of local businesses across the country, and perhaps some expanded operations.
  • [23:07] Opportunities At Measure.  Measure continues to have needs for qualified drone pilots to fill out their teams.  As well, the new drone franchise program will create new business opportunities is select regions of the country.
  • [24:59] Closing

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