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Counter UAS

Is there a way to safely and legally take control of a rogue drone?

Drone Radio Show August 4, 2019 12 1

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Sotirios Kaminis is the CEO and founder of Drone Defense Systems, a start up company that provides integrated drone detection and mitigation solutions to a variety of customers. Under a newly inked licensing agreement, the company received exclusive rights to commercialize an innovative counter drone technology developed at Embry-Riddle University. The technology, developed by Embry-Riddle faculty member Dr. Houbing Song, suggests a safe, affordable way to neutralize rogue drones – without having to shoot them down or force them to crash-land – even in civilian settings such as large outdoor entertainment arenas and airports. In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Sotirios talks about Drone Defense Systems, the “Drone Jacking” technology developed by Dr. Houbing Song and how this technology could make the skies a whole lot safer.

 Key Points
  • Sotirios Kaminia wanted to develop a comprehensive technology and system that would accurately detect and stop drones no matter what, no matter the manufacturer or the methods of operation.
  • Drone Defense Systems initially developed a drone jamming system, mostly for testing. But it’s also envisioned as part of a complete future counter drone solution.
  • Technology developed by Dr. Houbing Song of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University effectively ‘hijacks” a rogue drone, and provides a financially efficient and technically superior counter drone system.
  • The goal is to have a layered system that creates a dome shield over every target. The first layer of protection is the nonintrusive system that hijacks a drone. Where legal, the second layer is RF jamming, with the being electromagnetic pulse.
  • The “Drone Jacker” uses AI to emulate the communication language between a rogue drone and the operator and guides it to predetermined points where authorities can impound it.
  • Drone Defense Systems and Embry Riddle have secured a paid pilot test of the Drone Tracker system this fall.
  • This is the first layer of protection, ideal for any civilian location and also would be the first layer of
  • Remember Captain Kirk yelling, “Shields Up Sulu?”  That’s the essence of the Drone Tracker. An invisible dome shield over every target.
  • It will be an AI driven technology.  It will listen to RF frequencies and teach itself what is the norm in the location where it’s being installed and educate itself as drones are threat and which to categorize as safe.
  • There are lot of people making living using drones, and they should not suffer because of a the lack of effective technology to secure civilian assets.
  • The goal of any counter measure system should be protecting civilians and assets without interfering with the normal operation of drones, other aircraft or commerce.
  • He runs a successful shipping company, but he quickly learned that a start-up is really not a company, per se.  It’s a culture.
  • Sotirios had to make a decision – forget everything he knew about running a corporation in order to think  like a technology entrepreneur.
  • At 55 years old, Sotirios Kaminis is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  Hear how the successful corporate businessman is learning how run a technology start up.
  • Have a clear vision of where you want to go and never lose sight of where you want to go.  Overcome every obstacle that lies in front you. Never give up on your vision.
  • Eventually, the government may have to understand that it needs to allow some form of interference from counter drone systems in order to protect life and property.
  • Can a legal framework be crafted that would allow, as a last resort, the use of intrusive counter drone technology in order to protect life and property?
  • This Drone Tracker system would not have been possible without the work of Dr. Houbing Song at Embry Riddle and the technology transfer program offered through the university.
  • What this means for the general public is a peace of mind. Whether it’s an airport, a power plant or an outdoor venue or anywhere, the goal is to stop any drone threat. 
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