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Is it possible to deliver packages with drones under current Part 107 rules?

Drone Up
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Brendan Stewart and Joe Fuller are from DroneUp, a drone services company that provides end-to-end aerial data solutions by matching a organization’s data collection and delivery needs with the right hardware, software, training, pilots, and program integration requirements. Brendan is the Training Director responsible for training and program development for enterprise and public safety clients. Joe is CIO and designs aerial data capture and processing for clients to ensure a return on investment in their drone projects.  In early April of this year, the duo led a series of tests to demonstrate package deliveries by drones under Part 107 regulations. Over the span of 3 days, the exercises focused on delivery to residential and commercial areas with the aim of identifying best practices for safe operations. In this edition of the Drone Raido Show, Brendan and Joe talk about Drone Up, the Last Mile Drone Delivery Challenge and the lessons learned from the demonstration project.

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