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Chris Beaufait

This Week’s Key Question

“Can Drones Keep Power Companies Safe From Wildfires?”

This Week’s Guests

Chris Beaufait serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Sharper Shape — the market leader in delivering transformative inspection solutions for the utility industry. Chris is a proven business leader with extensive global experience and joined Sharper Shape from his role as Chief Operating Officer of Sarcos Robotics. He led Sarcos’ commercialization and development efforts for powered exoskeletons and teleoperated inspection robots.  Before joining Sarcos, Chris led the Asia Pacific & China business as a Group SVP and President for Vestas, the world’s leading wind power and services company. For 16 years before Vestas, he worked for the General Electric Company in a variety of leadership positions.  Before GE, Chris served for 11 years in the U.S. Navy as a Naval Officer and certified nuclear engineer. He also holds multiple Six Sigma certifications. 

What We Learn

Chris talks about Sharper Shape, its utility inspection services using drones and how those services help utility companies reduce risk of wildfires.

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