Paul Hemmick

“I’m surrounded by a bunch of innovative thinkers, very creative. There is that entrepreneurial spirit, the whole world of uncrewed systems and emerging technologies is just expanding so fast that whenever I show up to work, I’m always hearing about a new technology or a new capability and a new possible use case or a new problem that we can solve using UAS.”

- Paul Hemmick

This Week’s Key Question

“How does NOAA use drones?”

This Week’s Guest

Commander Paul Hemmick is Chief of NOAA’s UAS Division at the Aircraft Operations Center in Lakeland, Florida.  Commander Hemmick received his NOAA Commission in 2004, serving in multiple operational and staff level assignments throughout his 16 year career.  He’s piloted large ships, flown planes and is now heading NOAA’s UAS operations.  In this role, he oversees safety, policy, and fleet oversight spanning a wide range of UAS missions.  With the recent formation of NOAA’s UAS Operations Center, he is involved with implementing emerging UAS technologies to force multiply data collection and scientific observations across the Agency.

What We Learn

Paul talks about NOAA’s mission, the use of uncrewed systems to study hurricanes and the role of NOAA’s UAS Division in spearheading value-added research using drones.

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