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Get Ready for Part 107 – Tim Trott, Author and Instructor

Part 107 Study Guide

Are you ready when Part 107 goes into effect?

Tim Trott is a Certified Instructor for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in various aspects of UAS operation. Tim qualified online to take and pass the FAA written Sport Pilot test, followed by the Fundamentals of Instruction. He has authored two books – “The Droner’s Guide from Beginning to Professional” and a study guide, called “UAS Operations: Preparing to Meet the Anticipated FAA Knowledge Test Requirements for UAS Operator and/or Pilot UAS Rating”.  In this episode, Tim talks about his study guide and a video course that will help drone pilots and operators prepare for Part 107.

In This Episode

  • [01:40] Introduction to Tim Trott.  Meet Tim Trott, e-book author, instructor and Section 333 holder.
  • [02:02] The Study Guide. On today’s show, Tim will be discussing his latest book, “UAS Operations: Preparing to Meet the Anticipated FAA Knowledge Test Requirements for UAS Operator and/or Pilot UAS Rating.”
  • [03:02] Training History. Tim describes how his history with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as an instructor and other accomplishments created the foundation for his transition to UAS Intructor.
  • [04:56] What a Study Guide is Needed.  The current Section 333 process is not working, since many approved Section 333 holders are not certified pilots.  The key is education and some sort of test to ensure a minimum knowledge is acheived by the operator.  A study guide will help many prepare for the test, if one is indeed, administered.
  • [08:36] Need to Know What a Pilot Knows.  While UAVs are commonly referred as “unmanned”, a pilot is still in control, albeit remotely.  Operators need to know the basic requirements of flying their UAVs in the national airspace.
  • [09:51] Becoming a Good Pilot.  The study guide will prepare someone for a test on Part 107 requirements, but “practice” will make someone a good pilot.  An operator needs to continue to log hours on a UAV to develop the skills for all situations.  Practice will enable most operators to avoid many of the most common mistakes made flying a drone.
  • [11:58] Contents.  The guide covers the 11 requirements of the Part 107 rules. The book is concise (only 75 pages), to the point and doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary background information to wade through.  Yet, it’s easy to understand.  The study guide includes 50 study questions that allow readers to test their knowledge and understand the material.  It’s available on Amazon.
  • [16:01] On-Line Video Course.  Tim has developed an on-line video course, based on the study guide, which is available at Udemy for $50.00.  The video course provides the same information as found in the book.  A subscriber to the course will also be able to access any future course updates, especially if the requirements of Part 107 evolve over time.
  • [19:32] Origin of the book. Tim describes how he got the idea to write a book on UAV instruction after teaching similar courses at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
  • [20:32] The Droner’s Guide from Beginner to Professional.  Tim discusses his first e-book, which chronicles his evolution as a beginner drone pilot.  The book contains tips and recommendations for beginner pilots.
  • [23:23] To Section 333 or Not?  Tim raises the question that many operators face today – should they file a Section 333 exemption or wait for the Part 107 rules to be released. Tim also shares his experience and recommendations in applying for a Section 333 exemption.
  • [26:04] Final Comments. The bottom line to flying UAVs is safety first, and knowledge of the rules, requirements and conditions can help all become better pilots.  Knowledge is the foundation of safety.
  • [26:46] Closing.

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Scene from Tim's Online Udemy Study Course
Scene from Tim’s Online Udemy Study Course


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