muehler_brdTopTenLooking for a way to maximize the capabilities of your drone systems while maintaining a high degree of operational safety? Then you’re going to want to hear what today’s guest on the Drone Radio Show has to say.

Shawn Muehler is the COO of Botlink, a company specializing in UAV software and hardware that allows users to control their drones and process data over the cellular network. Shawn, an officer in the U.S. Air Force has been serving our country and flying both manned and unmanned aircraft for over decade. His love of flying model aircraft and Cessnas in his youth transpired into flying Learjets and military drones as a profession. Shawn’s extensive aviation and technology background is the inspiration for Botlink. In this podcase, Shawn talks about Botlink, how their products can make you a better drone pilot and improve your company’s productivity, and he shares his experience of creating a dynamic new company in North Dakota’s emerging drone industry.

Show Outline

  • [01:35] What is Botlink?
  • [02:11] Botlink’s products that are designed to help you fly smarter and safer
  • [04:08] How users connect to the system
  • [05:25] How Botlink’s products enhance situational awareness
  • [06:29] Type of information displayed to the user
  • [07:28] Why Botlink’s system is unique
  • [08:19] Ease of use
  • [09:11] Mission planning capabilities
  • [09:47] Connecting to the software via the cellular network – how that improves performance
  • [11:52] Product availability, costs and scalability
  • [13:18] Origin of Botlink
  • [14:16] Shawn Muehler’s military and commercial drone experience – how it led to Botlink
  • [16:01] Challenge of starting a new venture
  • [17:46] North Dakota’s (particularly Fargo) emerging and supportive drone culture and how it nurtured the formation of Botlink
  • [22:01] Shawn’s perspective on the current challenges facing the drone industry – FAA regulations, hiring qualified people and breaking stereotypes
  • [24:10] Skills that may be in demand as the drone industry expands
  • [25:04] Future outlook and goals for Botlink
  • [26:07] Shawn’s final comments and perspectives on the drone industry
  • [27:17] Closing

Mentioned Links

Co-founders Alex Kube and Shawn Muehler flying a multirotor (3DR X8) with the Botlink platform in Fargo, North Dakota

Co-founders Alex Kube and Shawn Muehler flying a multirotor (3DR X8) with the Botlink platform in Fargo, North Dakota

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