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Through The Eye Of The Drone: Laurie Rubin, Photographer

Laurie Rubin Drone Image

RubinborderwebTopTenAre you interested in aerial photography? Then you’re going to want to listen to today’s guest on the Drone Radio Show.

Laurie Rubin is an international award-winning photographer specializing in nature and aerial photography. Her passion for photography includes a career working for software companies such as Nik Software, Google+ Photos and Macphun Software. She is currently the Head of Education for ViewBug and is also one of the Inception Masters for Trey Ratcliff’s Arcanum. Laurie won 1st place in the Windland Smith Rice International Awards with her image displayed at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Currently, one of her aerial images is being displayed for DJI’s SkyPixel Perspectives Worldwide Gallery. She’s here to talk about her experience and insights into aerial and traditional photography.

Show Outline

  • [01:20] Introduction to Laurie Rubin
  • [01:40} How did Laurie Rubin’s interest in photography begin
  • [03:04] Composing a shot vs. post processing in creating great images
  • [03:54] How Laurie became interested in animal photography and traveling to Africa
  • [05:27] How do you know when you’re about to take a great picture?
  • [06:32] Important qualities to possess to be a great phographer
  • [07:12] Role of mentors in refining Laurie’s techiques
  • [08:06] Laurie’s entry into aerial photography and seeing the world in 3D
  • [10:14] How shooting with a drone is similar to shooting with a hand held camera
  • [11:06] How does Laurie plan an aerial shot
  • [11:35] In terms of equipment, what’s changed over time that made taking aerial images better or easier?
  • [12:28] Key equipment considerations for those thinking about aerial photography
  • [13:32] Laurie’s discusses some of her favorite images taken with a drone
  • [15:54] Skypixels Perspective Gallery as a resource
  • [18:36] Advice to others thinking about trying drone aerial photography
  • [17:50] Women in the drone industry; the Ameila Dronehearts and advice for women thinking about flying or entering the industry
  • [19:42] Laurie’s future career plans and final comments
  • [20:51] Close

Mentioned Links

"The Thee Sisters" taken by Laurie Rubin
“The Thee Sisters” taken by Laurie Rubin
"Look Out Below" Taken By Laurie Rubin
“Look Out Below” Taken By Laurie Rubin
“You’ve Got Mail” taken by Laurie Rubin

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