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Alexander Stimpson is a postdoctoral associate at Duke University working in the Humans and Autonomy Lab, or HAL for short. HAL focuses on the multifaceted interactions of human and computer decision-making in systems with embedded autonomy. Alex has a Ph.D Degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT. His dissertation work focused on the application of machine learning models to inform training assessment and intervention. His current research interests include human supervisory control, decision support systems, artificial intelligence and data mining. He’s here to talk about the challenges and opportunities that arise when trying to transition humans from the role of direct manual control to supervisors and collaborators with technology.

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Show Outline
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  • [01:34] What is the Humans and Autonomy Lab (HAL)
  • [03:36] How does one begin to design an integrate autonomous systems with humans?
  • [04:36] How did Alex Simpson get involved with autonomous systems research and HAL?
  • [05:11] Background on the Lab’s Director, Mary (Missy) Cummings.
  • [05:52[ How do we go from piloted vehicles to autonomous vehicles?
  • [07:37] How is the process of creating an autonomous flying machine different than an autonomous car?
  • [09:35] How is private industry doing in designing autonomous systems?
  • [11:26] The big question – where do humans fit in a world of autonomous machines?
  • [13:00] Autonomous machines mean a changing skill sets for workers to interact and manage them
  • [14:10] Where human systems engineering takes place – in the lab or in a real environment?
  • [14:55] Where are we in evolution and development of autonomous machines?
  • [16:34] The challenges in moving to autonomy
  • [23:49] What’s on the horizon for autonomous systems
  • [28:30] At the core, autonomous and human systems must be considered and integrated seamlessly
  • [30:00] Closing
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