medGravity tells us that what goes up must come down.  And for drone pilots, sometimes, things come down hard.  When that happens (and it will), you’re going to want to know someone like today’s guest to get it flying again quickly.

Today’s guest on the Drone Radio Show is Bill Vergonet, owner of Drone Medix, a drone repair company.  Bill is a qualified airplane mechanic, pilot and drone operator and builder.  What sets Drone Medix apart from other drone repair businesses is their use of Skype video to troubleshoot problems with users in real time.  So rather than waiting to take your bird into the shop or sending it off for a diagnostic, you can Skype Bill in to coach you through the repair so you can be up and flying once again.

Show Outline

  • [01:20] What is Drone Medix?
  • [01:55] How Bill became involved with drones
  • [02:13] Most common repair problems
  • [03:03] How does Drone Medix work?
  • [04:50] The impetus behind the idea for Drone Medix
  • [05:30] Advantages of using a video Skype session
  • [07:00] Cost of a support session
  • [07:40] Bill’s extensive repair background
  • [09:02] What sets Drone Medix apart from other services
  • [10:40] Community outreach and education
  • [14:08] Final comments on Drone Medix

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