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Standardized UAS Procedures – Nicholas Damron, Author

Standardize Drone Procedures

damronIs the time right for the drone industry to adopt standardized procedures for training and operation?

Today’s guest on the Drone Radio Show podcast is Nicholas Damron, an Army qualified Instructor for Unmanned Aircraft Systems with over 8 years of flight training and operational experience. His new book, “Read Before Flight”, is a guide on how to standardize unmanned aircraft training and operations. The book is intended to stimulate an industry wide discussion on how best to apply these standards to the growing commercial drone market. Since releasing the book in early 2015, Nicholas has been dedicated to developing a consensus among industry stakeholders on training and operating standards that will promote safety and commercial growth of the drone industry.

Show Outline

  • [01:30] Nick Damron’s background with UAS
  • [02:16] Why Nicholas wrote, “Read Before Flight”
  • [03:07] How long it took to write the book and the moment Nick knew he was going to do it
  • [04:08] Nick’s current work responsibilities as a UAS analyst
  • [05:10] Commercial drone flying experience and how it compares to flying military UAS
  • [06:42] How did he come up with the title of the book
  • [07:09] Experiences and resources that were drawn upon in writing the book
  • [08:08] Who “Read Before Flight” is intended to reach
  • [09:36] Why standardized procedures are needed
  • [10:28] Key topics or questions that the book addresses
  • [13:03] Challenges in writing the book
  • [13:59] Initial response to the book
  • [15:04] Difference between standardization and regulation
  • [16:05] How the FAA will be involved in the development of the book
  • [16:38] Roles and responsibilities in developing procedures: FAA (16:41), Industry (17:39), Business Owners (17:59), Pilots (18:30) and Customers (18:55)
  • [19:39] Next Steps
  • [21:50] How people can help
  • [22:49] Saftey is the key take-away
  • [23:06] Closing

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