stevenlevyHave you ever wondered how drones are being used in the television and film industry?   Today’s guest is Steven J. Levy, founder of Habana Avenue, a full service media content company.  Under Steven’s guidance, Habana Avenue provides leading edge media content.  He is best be known for his work producing prodigious franchise opens, such as ESPN’s Monday Night Football with Hank Williams Jr., NBC’s Super Bowl Open & Sunday Night Football with Faith Hill, ABC’s Saturday Night College Football with Maroon 5, 50 Cent & Perry Farrell.  In 2015, Habana Avenue received a Section 333 FAA exemption to integrate drones in the creation of media content.  Since then, Steven and his team of award winning cinematographers and pilots are redefining what’s possible in producing innovative and spectacular content for a range of media clients.

In This Episode

  • (01:10) What is Habana Avenue and how has it emerged as a leader in media content?
  • (03:58) Where did the idea of using drones come from?
  • (05:18) Difference between using drones and helicopters.
  • (05:57) How does the creative process differ when planning to use a drone shot?
  • (09:24) What have been the benefits of using drones?
  • (10:04) How have clients responded and what have liked most about the work?
  • (11:08) What does it mean to have received an FAA 333 Exemption?
  • (12:22) What type of drones and cameras are used?
  • (14:13) The people who fly the drones – their qualifications, experience and operation with drones
  • (18:15) How is safety managed?
  • (19:30) Advice to others.
  • (20:27) What the future holds for drone industry and what’s next for Habana Avenue.
  • (21:47) Closing

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Habana Avenue founder, Steven J. Levy with one of the company’s drone.

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