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Show Notes – What We Tweeted

  • Brigham A. McCown talks about the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure and how drones fit into the national infrastructure discussion.
  • AII was created to advance the needs of infrastructure, which wasn’t being addressed by the government.
  • AII produces information and educational materials geared to Washington, D.C. policy makers, government agencies and administrators.
  • AII draws attention to the country’s infrastructure needs and policy changes.
  • Drones are a new technology that could transform our society.
  • AII works advance the safe use and operation of drones.
  • AII is working with governmental agencies to make changes in Federal regulations to support drone use.
  • Federal officials support drones, have concerns with ensuring the safe operation of drones.
  • Regulations were not designed with drones in mind and making changes at the Federal level takes a lot of time and energy.
  • Demonstration projects and test sites are one way to help fast track changes at the Federal level.
  • There has been progress in the recognizing the needs for infrastructure investments and new transportation systems, but there is much that remains in these areas.
  • As we know, one of the big areas of opportunity for drones is in infrastructure inspections.
  • Need to focus on how best to de-conflict airspace, particularly where there is a large number of drone operating.
  • As drone usage grows, the potential for conflicts or mishaps increases. Mitigating those risks should be a focus today.
  • Ideally, regulations should be consistent, but if the Fed government moves too slow, States & Local governments tend to move forward because they can’t wait any longer.
  • We can improve our lives on a daily basis through innovation, technology and improvements in our infrastructure.
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