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Drone Racing League – Rise of a New Sport: Nick Horbaczewski

Drone Radio Show February 9, 2016 12

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cover01Do you know what’s about to become the newest and most exciting entertainment sport on the planet?

If you’re thinking Drone Racing, then you’d be partially correct, because what the team at the Drone Racing League is doing can only be described as drone racing on steroids.

This week’s guests on the Drone Radio Show are Nick Horbaczewski, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Drone Racing League and Ryan Gury, Director of Product at The Drone Racing League. They part of a creative and innovative team that is forming a new sport around drone racing. The Drone Racing League is a sports and media company that combines world-class pilots, iconic locations and proprietary technology to create engaging drone racing content with mass appeal In 2016, the league will host a global race series culminating in a World Championship. In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Nick and Ryan here talk about the Drone Racing League, why it’s so different from other drone racing events and how they’re about to create a whole new entertainment sport

In This Episode

  • [01:52] The Drone Racing League. Nick Horbaczewski, CEO and Founder introduces the Drone Racing League and how the league got started.
  • [02:47] The Structure. Nick provides an overview of the league’s 6 game structure competing in different cities/venues.
  • [03:33] The Pilots. Because drone racing is a new sport, there is not fair way to vet drone pilots. The Drone Racing League is starting with 12 pilots selected by the league based on their reputation and experience in racing.
  • [04:32] The Difference. Nick discusses what makes the Drone Racing League different from other racing events, including access to technology, venues and scale.
  • [05:43] Video Content. Initially, the launch of the races will be filmed with a variety of content being made available on the web. This allows the league to introduce the content to the entire world, rather than just those attending a live event.
  • [06:31] Video Production. A great deal of thought goes into producing high quality video footage of the races, the pilots and the venues.
  • [07:47] The Drones. The drones are high-performance racing drones produced by the Drone Racing Team. All drones are the same, which places the emphasis on the pilot’s ability and skill to fly and race.
  • [09:19] The Course Design. It’s a team effort to create compelling and interesting courses that challenge pilot’s skills. The league seeks out unique and iconic locations, like the Dolphins Stadium and an abandoned industrial site.
  • [11:53] Drone Racing and E-Sports. Many of the professional pilots came from E-Sports and drone racing is favorably compared to and inspired by E-Sports. Drone racing is sometimes considered an extension of E-Sports.
  • [13:47] Challenges of Creating a New Sport. Nick talks about the challenges of creating a new sport, including educating people on what drone racing is about, how it works, the pilots and the races.
  • [15:37] The Content. The Drone Racing League will produce a variety of on-line, digital videos in short and long-forms on all aspects of the race. It creates an opportunity for viewers to form a connection with the content that’s important to them. The goal is to make drone racing real for viewers.
  • [19:19] Commercial Opportunities. The League will investigate a variety o business models as acceptance grows.
  • [21:16] Social Media Interaction. The Drone Racing League offers a variety of social media outlets to engage views and fans. In particular, fans can download a racing simulator and actually compete to be a pilot in a future race.
  • [22:11] Media Stories. Since the Drone Racing League was announce, there have been several media stories. Nick talks about the high level of interest there is in drone racing.
  • [23:31] The Appeal. Nick and Ryan point out that one of the unique features of drone racing is that it appeals to a wide audience. It doesn’t matter the age, race, physical ability of the pilot. All it takes is the acquired skill of flying a drone.
  • [24:46] What Listeners Need to Know. Nick mentions that listeners need to know that the league is new, that a variety of information is available on the website, that the first race will be available for download on February 22 and that fans can try out to be a pilot by registering a fast lap using the race simulator found on the website.

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