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Drone Racing At The Collegiate Level – Todd Wahl, Multi GP

Collegiate Drone Racing

Is Drone Racing The Next Collegiate Sport?

Collegiate Drone Racing

Todd Wahl is the President of Multi GP, the premier FPV racing league uniting pilots across the globe in casual and competitive events. Todd is a lifelong entrepreneur and technologist who sold his technology consulting company to focus fulltime on growing Multi GP’s FPV Sports offerings. He has been involved in drone racing for years, having organized and managed Atlanta’s Drone Racing Club and working to involve people at all levels of the sport. In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Todd talks about Multi GP, the current state of drone racing, the Multi GP Drone Championship and how drone racing could very well become the next organized college sports sensation.

In This Episode

  • [02:12] Introduction. Todd Wahl is the President of Multi GP.  The position of President is new, representing the significant growth that Multi GP has experienced.  Todd talks about this new role, the growth of the organization and his responsibilities as President.
  • [03:53] Drone Racing Today. Todd talks about the state of drone racing today, where Multi GP is experiencing explosive growth.
  • [05:49] Multi GP Drone National Racing Championship. In 2017, Multi GP will host a competition for the Drone National Racing Championship.  Todd talks about the format that will culminate in a racing championship in Las Vegas in October.
  • [10:14] Multi GP Popularity. Multi GP’s growth is being fueled by people new to drone racing. They attend a local drone racing club meet up or a large drone racing event, where they meet other racers and have a chance to learn about racing.  For those looking to learn how to fly, Todd recommends trying a drone racing simulator. There are several on line to choose from.
  • [11:52] Changing Dynamics. Drone racing continues to evolve.  Todd shares three key areas where things have gotten better, race course design, technology and pilot experience.  Another area that is evolving is the rise of HD technology.  The business side of drone racing is also evolving, as Todd explains there are more sponsors signing on and growing crowds at the events.
  • [19:52] Collegiate Drone Racing National Championship.  In April, Multi GP partnered with Purdue University to host a drone racing championship for 27 universities. Todd talks about how the idea emerged, Multi GP’s involvement, Purdue’s organization and management of the competition and the results of the individual and team competitions. Based on the success of the competition, Todd believes that drone racing will emerge as a organized collegiate sport.
  • [29:15] Perspective. Todd has been involved in drone racing for several years, having managed the Drone Racing Club in Atlanta and now taking on the role of President for Multi GP.  He doesn’t get much time to race himself, but his greatest motivation comes from helping others learn how to race a drone, organize a local drone racing club or just enjoy the sport of drone racing.
  • [30:55] Academy of Model Aircraft Involvement. Todd gives a special recognition to the AMA for their support and involvement with drone racing across the country.  The AMA – Multi GP partnership has been very successful in promoting the safe growth of the sport.
  • [32:28] Closing. Todd offers his final thoughts on the state of drone racing, especially, the pilots, spectators and people that come out to the events. In Todd’s words, drone racing attracts some of the nicest people from all walks of life.  And it’s still a very new sport with a lot of growth ahead.

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