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Drone Deliveries and National Retailers

Antony Vittone
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“We’re doing stuff with big fortune 500 companies, Walmart, Coca-Cola and other players. In addition to that, we have a lot going on. The industry is really expanding. And I think we’re getting a lot of positive reception for the services that we provide.”

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This Week’s Key Question

“Are big commercial entities ready for drone delivery?’

This Week’s Guest

Anthony Vittone is Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of DroneUp.  DroneUp provides end-to-end aerial data collection services for large, autonomous missions; leveraging their patented Mission Match platform. DroneUp matches missions with small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) pilots. They locate, qualify, and deploy single pilot or multi-pilot crews according to their client’s requirements. The company is committed to providing a comprehensive network of pilots while maintaining a steadfast commitment to safety and responsible operations. 

In addition to being Executive VP and COO, Anthony is also an accomplished lawyer and business executive.  At DroneUp, he oversees business operations and finance, legal, HR and contract fulfillment. He has extensive experience in working with and developing businesses in a variety of disciplines. . 

What We Learn

Recently, DroneUp completed a series of drone delivery flights for Walmart and Coca-Cola, in what may be the start of drone delivery adoption by major retailers.  In this episode, Anthony gives us an update on these demonstration flights and the company’s efforts in drone delivery.

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