Drone Radio Show

Hi, you know me. I’m Randy Goers – drone enthusiast and mind behind this Drone Radio Show podcast.

As you may know, I run this show entirely by myself. It’s free for anyone to enjoy, but there are extensive production costs involved, which I have been absorbing. Ultimately, my goal is to raise enough funds annually to cover the costs of show production, social media and attendance to major UAS industry conference.

Your Help Is Appreciated!

Donate whatever you like. Any amount is hugely helpful and wildly appreciated. All of the contributions will be fed straight into the Show.

I want to express my gratitude for your donation in advance. My vision for the podcast is to be the premier place to showcase the amazing things people are doing with drone technology. With your help, we can grow The Drone Radio Show, stay at the forefront of innovation and promote technology that has the power to change the future.

And for a limited time, donate $100 or more and receive an official Drone Radio Show coffee mug!