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Delivering a Full-Stack UAS Solution

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“Just because you buy ten drones doesn’t mean you’ve created value or have a drone program that provides some return on investment.  It is the action that is taken from the data that is collected which gives drone technology their value.”

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HIs Week’s Key Question

“What are AgEagle’s plans to serve the Drone Industry?”

This Week’s Guests

Brandon Torres Declet is CEO of AgEagle, a leading provider of full-stack drone solutions for customers worldwide in the energy, construction, agriculture, and government verticals.   The company designs and delivers best-in-class drones, sensors, and software that solve significant problems.  Prior to being named Chief Executive Officer of AgEagle, Brandon co-founded and was CEO at Measure, an aerial intelligence company that builds software to automate drone operations workflows. In April 2021, Measure was acquired by AgEagle, and Brandon was named Chief Operating Officer of the Company and was elected to the Board of Directors.

What We Learn

Brandon talks about AgEagle, current customer needs and overall trends in the drone industry. 

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