Value From Autonomous End-To-End UAV Solutions

How Do Autonomous Drones Create Value?

Guy Cherni, Atlas Dynamics

Guy Cherni is an entrepreneur and the Chief Marketing Officer for Atlas Dynamics, a Latvian based technology company and leading provider of fully autonomous drone-based solutions for professional users. With its propriety technology, the company creates top tier drone based solutions that are accessible and seamless to use, address common problems and simplify everyday tasks. In August, the company announced it had raised $8 million to introduce its drone solutions into the North American market. In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Guy talks about Atlas Dynamics and its new Atlas Pro Drone. He’ll also talk about the North American market for drones compared to other world regions and he’ll share with us why the company’s focus on delivering autonomous end-to-end customer solutions is the primary driving force behind the company’s success.

Key Points
  • Atlas Dynamics. Atlas Dynamics was founded in 2015 as an aerospace technology company specializing in the drone industry. Guy joined the company in February, 2016 as the Chief Marketing Official leveraging his experience as an entrepreneur, hardware manufacturing in China and startups.
  • Products & Technology. The Atlas Pro is a tri-copter drone developed fully in house by Atlas Dynamics to serve the professional commercial market. It has proprietary and patented technologies, including aeronautical design, Lithium Silicon smart battery with industrial standard BMS, and carbon fiber body that provide unprecedented capabilities. The drone is capable of extended 55 minute flight times, 50 KM range and can travel up to 140 km/hour.  The highly durable, compact and light-weight carbon frame is capable of performing in extreme weather. An optional docking station allows the drone to operate autonomously.
  • Autonomy. In Guy’s view autonomy is not a goal; it is a means to an end. And that end is using drones to improve efficiencies and safety.
  • Latvia Connection. Atlas Dynamics is based in Latvia. Perhaps not known as a drone center, Latvia has a long history in the aerospace field dating back to the U.S.S.R days. The country has highly regarded space and engineering universities. Its membership in the European Union gives it trade opportunities and access to grants. It also the largest country in the Baltics with the least amount of people, which leaves a lot of space for testing, drones. In all, it provides a several benefits to drone companies.
  • North America & the World Marketplace for Drones. Guy discusses the world markets for drones. The differentiator is the level of regulations that allow for drone use. The North American market is viewed as highly favorable for drones due to Part 107 and for consistent rules across all 50 states. Europe is also viewed as favorable, but individual countries have their own rules that need to be considered. Then there are countries with no regulations.
  • Challenges. Guy talks about three key challenges in building Atlas Dynamics. The first is Technology or the acknowledgement that in reality, professional grade drones are really aerospace technology and the design and engineering that goes into the drone needs to reflect this perspective. The second challenge is a full understanding of Manufacturing. Mass manufacturing in China, which requires a specific knowledge and expertise to ensure products can be efficiently produced. The third challenge is educating the market to understand how drones could solve everyday problems.
  • End-To-End Solutions. Guy talks about Atlas Dynamics’ emphasis on developing full service, end-to-end solutions that solve problems simply and easily. Such solutions are developed when the company works with people within the organization to understand their problems and how best an UAV can solve those problems.
  • Lessons Learned. Guy shares some of the lessons he’s learned during the time he’s been with Atlas Dynamics. He acknowledges that the Atlas Dynamics is a new company and he’s still learning from others. But he observes that the drone ecosystem doesn’t really have an established structure right now. It’s fragmented and many companies are trying to create portions of the overall solution. Guy advises companies to consider full service drone solutions and to gain an understanding of the mass market process in China to produce quality drones efficiently. In this industry, entrepreneurs need to make products that deliver value.
  • Closing. Guy closes by describing how the experience of building Atlas Dynamics’ drone business in this dynamic industry.
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