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What is the Role of Drone Forensics in Protecting Against Drone Incursions

The Week’s Guest

Grant Jordan

Grant Jordan is CEO at SkySafe, a leader in Cloud-based drone defense and airspace awareness solutions. Founded in 2015, SkySafe provides advanced technology to protect people and places against drone threats. The company’s technology allows governments, law enforcement, airports, corporations, cities, and more to manage their airspace with drone data and analytics.  

Skysafe applies advanced radio technology, reverse engineering, and deep threat analysis to develop tools to safely and effectively operate authorized drones while protecting against threats to airspace security. 

The company has also evolved into a leader in the drone forensics space.  By performing deep data extraction on downed or recovered drones, Skysafe’s forensic technology allows investigators to match metadata with flight logs, serial numbers, and other unique identifiers. This process ensures that experts are able to decisively conclude that a drone they have in their possession is the same drone that was detected acting maliciously or illegally while it was in the air.

After graduating from MIT, Grant served as an officer in the US Air Force for four years.  At the Air Force Research Lab, he designed and built hardward systems for counter-IED missions and small UAVs, specializing in rapid product development for Special Forces units.  Grant has spoken at numerous conferences including DEFCON and the Commercial UAV Expo.

What We Learn

Grant talks about Skysafe, the company’s counter drone and forensics services, and the role that drone forensics have in an integrated counter drone solution.

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