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Connecting Via the Virtual UAV Expo

Commercial UAV Expo

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“Our customers are feeling the absence of trade shows in terms of staying on top of the technology, announcing new products, connecting with potential buyers, and learning about the regulatory environment, and that’s what they normally would get from a live event.”

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This Week’s Key Question

“How We Can We Safety Network and Connect When the CorronaVirus has shut down the trade show industry?”

This Week’s Guests

Lisa Murray is the event director for Diversified Communications, an international media company with more than 13 years’ experience in producing world-renowned events for precision measurement professionals.  If you’re in this field, then you have most likely have attended one of their events, including SPAR 3D Conference & Expo, the International Lidar Mapping Forum or the Commercial UAV Expo.  As many of you know, the CoronaVirus has forced many companies to alter their business operations, especially where gathering of people is the norm. Conferences and expos have been cancelled.  That has been bad news, not only for the trade show and conference industry, but also for businesses that rely on those events to build contacts, learn of new innovations, meet with clients and close sales.

What We Learn

Lisa talks about plans by Diversified Communications to hold this year’s Commercial UAV Expo the UAV Expo Europe online, in a virtual format.  We talk about how the decision to go virtual came about, the challenges of taking a live event into the online realm and what attendees can expect at this year’s shows.  Joining Lisa is Lee Corkhill who heads up marketing for Diversified’s events and Danielle Gagne, and editorial analyst, also from Diversified Communications, who specializes in the UAV technology sector.

In This Episode

  • Introduction.  Diversified Communications is a leader in producing world renowned event for precision-measurement professionals, including Commercial UAV Expo Europe, SPAR 3D Conference & Expo and International LiDAR Mapping Forum. Content – delivered in-person and online – gives practitioners tools and information to make better business decisions.
  • Commercial UAV Expo 2020. Due to the Coronavirus, the Commercial UAV Expo and Expo Europe were cancelled.  But industry professionals still want to connect and to learn, so Diversified Communications made the decision to produce and on-line virtual version of the two industry shows.  It wasn’t an easy decision, as there were too many unknowns, but felt the desire expressed by their customers to connect was important.
  • Going Virtual. The 2020 Commercial UAV Expo will be held on September 15-17 in an online virtual session.  The show will consist of live and prerecorded sessions from industry experts. There will be a virtual exhibit hall where attendees can view products and services, speak directly with exhibitors and schedule follow-ups.  The Virtual UAV Expo will feature an App with an intuitive curation tool that will link likeminded users based on their user profile and selected show preferences. This will create networking and business opportunities for guests.  There will also be some opportunities to connect and build relations through casual online events.  Attendance at this year’s Commercial UAV Expo is expected to be quite large, since the online format will make the show much more accessible to users all across the world. 
  • Closing.  Lisa closes by reiterating that people want to connect, share their experience and to learn new things.  And that the On-Line Virtual Commercial UAVExpo, while it may not be the perfect substitute, it will provide a great opportunity to meet new people and advance their business and careers.

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