Category: International

Energy Experts Share Drone Insights

Kevin O’Donovan, Technology Evangelist

What can we learn about drones from experts in the energy field?

Kevin Donovan talks about the some of the key findings of the Energy Industry Executive Roundtable rand shares some perspectives on the drone industry. 

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The View Below The Water

Christine Spiten, Blueye Robotics

Ever wonder what it would be like to pilot an underwater drone?

Christine Spitin, Co-Founder & Chief Global Strategist for Blueye Robotics talks about launching a new company, the new Blueye Pioneer underwater drone and the rewards of exploring, first hand, our oceans and seas.

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A Marketplace for Autonomous Drone Services

Derek Waleko, CEO of UpSonder

Is There A Markplace for Autonomous Drone Services?

Derek Waleko, CEO of Upsonder talks about the company's growth, how it plans to offer autonomous flight services and how we can participate in a unique funding opportunity to raise capital for the release of UpSonder Marketplace 2.0.



Drones and the Petroleum Industry

Suzanne Lemieux, American Petroleum Institute

How does the petroleum industry use drones?

Suzanne Lemieux talks about the American Petroleum Institute, the organization’s top UAS priorities and need for safety first in deploying new technologies, like UAS systems.