Category: Technology

Drones and Social Movements

Austin Choi, Fitzpatrick, Author

The Good Drone – How Social Movements Democratize Surveillance

Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick talks about his new book, “The Good Drone”, and demonstrates the importance of technology to politics. But argues that new technology in the air changes politics on the ground, and democratizes surveillance along the way.

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Multi-Drones - The New Operational Paradigm

Guy Cherni, Atlas Dynamics

Can Mesh Technology offer a new paradigm for delivering autonomous drone services?

Guy Cherni of Atlas Dynamics, talks about the company’s fully autonomous drones, mesh technology and how it will change the way drone services are designed and delivered.

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Long Distance Drone Delivery

Daniel Buchmueller, Volansi

What’s the market for long-distance drone delivery service?

Daniel Buchmueller, CTO of Volansi, talks about the company’s long-distance drone service, the Voly C-10 and M-20 long-distance delivery drones and how the company successfully found a niche serving clients engaged in operations located in remote areas.

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