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Scaling Up for Unmanned Traffic Management

Amit Ganjoo, Founder and CEO of Anra Technologies talks about the company’s UTM and Mission Management system, how it can help enterprise companies safely and efficiently scale operations and the future of unmanned traffic management.

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Growing Your Brand In the Drone Industry

Desi Ekstein, founder of traces her path from part-time hobbyist to full-time commercial drone operator.  She shares her experiences, provides advice & shows that anyone with passion and time, can establish a successful presence in the drone industry.

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Multi-Drones - The New Operational Paradigm

Guy Cherni, Atlas Dynamics

Can Mesh Technology offer a new paradigm for delivering autonomous drone services?

Guy Cherni of Atlas Dynamics, talks about the company’s fully autonomous drones, mesh technology and how it will change the way drone services are designed and delivered.

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