Category: Drone Applications (Podcasts)

Using Drones in Water Rescue Situations

Samuel Proffitt, Paramedic, Firefighter and Lifeguard

Can drones save people from drowning?

Samuel Proffitt, paramedic, firefighter and lifeguard talks about how drones are used in water rescue situations, their best use and limitations and what organizations should consider when using drones in such situations.

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The Genius NY Accelerator and Drones

Jon Parry (Genius NY) & Ryan Pleskach (ResilienX)

Can the Genius NY Accelerator Help Launch Your UAS Startup?

Jon Parrry talks about the Genius NY program and how it’s advancing the creation of innovative UAS companies.  Joining Jon is Ryan Pleskach, Founder and COO of Resilienx one of the companies in the current cohort..

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A Marketplace for Autonomous Drone Services

Derek Waleko, CEO of UpSonder

Is There A Markplace for Autonomous Drone Services?

Derek Waleko, CEO of Upsonder talks about the company's growth, how it plans to offer autonomous flight services and how we can participate in a unique funding opportunity to raise capital for the release of UpSonder Marketplace 2.0.



Drones and the Petroleum Industry

Suzanne Lemieux, American Petroleum Institute

How does the petroleum industry use drones?

Suzanne Lemieux talks about the American Petroleum Institute, the organization’s top UAS priorities and need for safety first in deploying new technologies, like UAS systems.