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The Power of 3D Models to Communicate Data

Patricia Hume, CEO of Canvas GFX, talks about the company, the partnership with Zipline to create interactive 3D product models and the benefits of using new technologies to streamline workflows and communicate ideas.   

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2021 Drone Radio Show Guests

Various Perspectives

The Drone Industry in 2021 – DRS Guests Perspective

What was 2021 like for the Drone Industry? Hear from industry notables like Brandon Torres, Nick Flom, Brent Skorup, Amit Ganjoo, Romeo Duracher, Steven Flynn, Desmond Wheatley, Matt Dunlevy and others as they share insights into their company and on the drone industry. 

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The Highest Level of Aerial Autonomy

Nader Elm, CEO and Founder of EXYN Technologies, talks about the company’s Level 4 autonomous drones, and how the technology is successfully mapping dangerous and isolated underground locations in the mining industry, saving time and providing added safety benefits.

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A Global Company’s Perspective on UAS Traffic Management:

Amit Ganjoo, CEO and Founder of Anra Technologies, talks about the company’s enterprise drone solutions, drone delivery, urban air mobility and the role the company plays in delivering unmanned traffic management systems to enterprise organizations. 

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