Category: Policy and Regulation

Property Rights and Drones

Brent Skorup, Mercatus Center

When it comes to drones, who owns the air space?

Brent Skorup, Senior Research Fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, talks about how local and state property rights laws could affect where drones fly and why these units of government should become more involved in the air management discussion to better prepare themselves for the future.

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Lisa Ellman, Executive Director

Commercial Drone Alliance

How does the Commercial Drone Industry view the proposed Remote ID Rule?

Lisa Ellman, Executive Director of the Commercial Drone Alliance shares the organization’s view of the proposed Remote ID rule as well as other initiatives the Alliance is currently involved to push the industry forward.

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Stuck Between UAV Legislation & Regulation

Christopher Korody, DroneBusiness.Center

Why isn’t the FAA moving faster on UAV regulations?

Chris Korody talks about some of the UAS legislative initiatives that will affect the drone industry, the respective roles of the FAA and Congress in passing bills and regulations and how operators can prepare themselves for what may occur in the next few years.

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