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Can the Genius NY Accelerator Help Launch Your UAS Startup?

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Jonathan Parry is Director of GENIUS NY at The Tech Garden in downtown Syracuse, NY.  The Tech Garden is home to Upstate New York’s most promising technology startups.  Genius NY is an accelerator program focused on unmanned systems. It will award up to $3 million in grand prizes during its 12-month in-residence business competition. The program will focus on early stage technologies in the category of unmanned systems including hardware, software, and analytics. Jon has more than 12 years experience with start-ups and business development in the UAS industry. In this edition of the Drone Radio Show, Jon talks about the Genius NY program and how it’s advancing the creation of innovative UAS companies.  Joining Jon is Ryan Pleskach, Founder and COO of Resilienx one of the companies in the current Genius NY program. Ryan shares what its been like going through the accelerator experience and how it’s helped evolve the company.

Key Points
  • The Tech Garden is home to upstate New York’s most promising technology startups. Genius NY is an accelerator program focused on unmanned systems. It will award up to $3 million in grand prizes during this 12 month in residence business competition. Find out if its right for you.
  • Genius NY looks at early idea stage companies, technology transfer out of a university, subject matter experts that believe there’s an opportunity based on their research or development and even serial entrepreneurs that have a proven track record.
  • ResilienX, a software company, brands itself as the “check engine light” for the commercial UTM ecosystem. They hope to provide an enhanced safety factor for UTM air traffic controller, much like what exists today in the air traffic control environment. Check out their story.
  • Genius NY has a very specific focus on unmanned systems, specifically unmanned aerial systems. It’s a highly collaborative environment with a lot of UAS resources for member companies to tap into.
  • The ability to bounce ideas off of somebody quickly and get an outside perspective from professionals in the drone industry provides a great deal of value for UAS start-ups.
  • Ryan Pleskach always wanted to take the entrepreneurial leap, but never really could quite find the right idea or the road map to implement. Now he’s building his company, working on his dream thanks to the opportunity provided through Genius NY.
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