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Can Mesh Technology offer a new paradigm for delivering autonomous drone services?

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“It’s not about endurance or flight time. It’s about consistency of communication and continuity of operations. This is what multi-drones can deliver.”

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This Week’s Key Question

“Can Mesh Technology offer a new paradigm for delivering autonomous drone services?” 

This Week’s Guests

Guy Cherni is the Chief Marketing Officer of Atlas Dynamics, an aerospace company providing fully autonomous UAV solutions. With its propriety technology, Atlas Dynamics creates top tier drone based solutions that are accessible and seamless to use, address common problems and simplify everyday tasks. Guy has extensive experience in technology startups, social entrepreneurship, and community development. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics and a master’s degree in Industrial Design.

What We Learn

Guy talks about Atlas Dynamic’s fully autonomous drones, mesh technology and how it will create a new operational paradigm for designing and delivering drone services.  We’ll learn about the Atlas Pro tri-copter drone, which is the company’s flagstaff drone.  It is capable of flying in harsh conditions and for longer periods of time.  Atlas Dynamics has pioneered the use of multi-drone operations to extend mission time, and with its high-end autonomous software, enables operations to continue seamlessly, without operator intervention.  This allows operators to spend more time focusing the mission, rather than on the screen.  Multi-drone operations is made possible by Atlas Dynamic’s innovative use of mesh communications technology, which allows their UAVs to link together and share data with each other, multiple ground control stations and even, cell phones.

In This Episode

  • Introduction. Atlas Dynamics is a leading designer and manufacturer of autonomous UAV systems for professional use-cases, that works with a dominant defense, security, and infrastructure institutions in the U.S., the E.U., and Asia. The company’s award-winning aerodynamic design generates lift and enables increased endurance, speed, weather resistance and range of 10km with HD streams of various payloads that fit with versatile missions.
    Core Values. Atlas creates smart, cost effective and connected unmanned aerial systems. Smart – being autonomous and requiring the operator to spend less screen time and more mission time. Cost Effective – controlling everything in the supply chain, the design or the process of the products, which enables the company be very agile and flexible. And Connected – meaning the drone can talk with each other.
  • The Atlas Pro. The Atlas Pro the company’s main UAV. It is a very robust and highly capable small unmanned aerial system. It has a unique aerodynamic shape reduces drag, while also creating lift and therefore, it can fly longer and farther. It is equipped with computer vision capabilities and embedded mesh communication. Atlas Dynamics also has a fully automated docking system, called the Atlas Nest that enables the Atlas Pro to take off and land, and charge itself, autonomously. It’s precision landing algorithm enables landings even when the Nest is moving. As an autonomous system, it is a force multiplier, allowing the drone operator to do more work.
  • The Atlas Mesh. Unlike the typical UAV set-up where communication is one drone to one controller, the Atlas Mesh enables multi-node communication, allowing many drones to community to many controllers and to each other. It allows operators to control several drones at the same time, or sending information from one drone to several ground control stations. It changes operation paradigm for designing and delivering UAV services.
  • Examples. Guy shares and example of the first instance in which MESH multi-drone technology was used to secure a major sporting event. In 2019, three Atlas PRO drones were flown along the perimeter of the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, one of the largest stadiums in South America, during the tournament’s final series. The system was used in both single and multi-UAS missions to gather data on public safety hazards and facilitate emergency response. In early 2020, Atlas Dynamics was chosen as a UAS provider for the Norwegian Peoples Aid (NPAID) Search and Rescue (SAR) Mid-Troms unit, due to its unique weather resistance capabilities, tested and proven to work in extreme Arctic conditions. The Atlas Pro can be flown individually or in swarms and are designed to withstand the freezing temperatures of the Norwegian arctic.
  • Lessons from Covid-19. Guy believes the drone industry is heavily dependent on meeting face to face – in conferences, for demos, and trainings. Social distancing and travel restrictions have created many challenges for the industry. But its also provided time to re-evaluate how business can be done differently. Its led to several positive changes that Guy believes will stay with industry long after COVID is gone, such as remote demos and training, and it’s opened the door for broader discussions on the use of autonomous vehicles (both air and ground). Additionally, a more co-design applications with users who are better informed and are looking for specific solutions.
  • Closing. Guy closes by stating that the drone industry is reaching an exciting phase in its evolution. Companies are doing amazing things. The users are there, and they want to participate in the design of their services and products. Governments understand the need, functionality and the benefits. They are looking for ways to support the industry. It’s really a very exciting time for the industry as a whole.

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