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Jon Becker is CEO and Founder of AARDVARK Tactical, a leading provider of tactical equipment and custom solutions.  AARDVARK Tactical has served leading defense and law enforcement agencies at home and abroad since 1987.

The company finds, develops, and manufactures exclusively integrated products that excel in a variety of terrains and use-cases – from personal protective equipment to tactical sUAS, breaching technology, robotics, communication systems, and mission-specific kits.  Its singular focus is to enhance operator safety and mission effectiveness.

Jon has spent the past four decades dedicating himself to protecting tactical operators. He at just 17 years old. The company started out as a climbing equipment business, often selling gear to SWAT teams and operators. After attending law school and working in police litigation, Jon realized that the best way he could serve tactical operators was by producing and providing high-quality gear and products that would enhance operator safety on the job. After AARDVARK’s expansion and success, Jon founded PROJECT7, a provider of purpose-built, scalable and configurable tactical platforms.

Jon has had the privilege of working with some of the world’s top law enforcement and military units, including the amazing leaders who guide their teams through some of the most dangerous situations and encounters imaginable.   He has keynoted for many years on the leadership of elite units and what he terms “culture-centric” leadership, and he the host and creator of “The Debrief”, a non-profit podcast that shares stories of leadership under fire with the world.

In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Jon talks about AARDVARK Tactical, the release of the new Loki-2 drone for tactical use and the challenges and opportunities in the use of drone for public safety.

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