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Building a Better Flight Controller

Sky-Drones Technlogies

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“It’s more focused on data collection and collecting data in very special ways. It’s real time directed and sent to the customer. So it’s not just flying, it’s flying for a mission, collecting data or getting some business results.”

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This Week’s Key Question

“What’s the latest in UAS Flight Controllers?”

This Week’s Guests

Kirill Shilov is Founder and CEO of Sky-Drones Technologies.  Sky-Drones creates professional full stack UAV avionics solutions, such as flight control, ground control and communication systems as well as a cloud based management platform. The company helps its global customers build and operate drones for security and commercial applications. The company has an outstanding background in research and development, as well as manufacturing and delivering products and solutions for the future UAV market. With a Masters in Aerospace Engineering, Kirill majored in Flight Dynamics and Control. His professional areas of interest include flight control systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, autopilot systems, electronics, software and embedded programming.  Before starting Sky-Drones Technologies he worked as an engineer at ACSL in Tokyo and Perspective Robotics in Zurich.

What We Learn

Kirill talks about Sky-Drones Technologies, the company’s flight control systems and how the technology is supporting enterprise clients across the globe.

In This Episode

  • 02:22 Introduction to Kirill Shilov, CEO of Sky-Drones.  Kirill provides background on the company.
  • 04:34 AirLink is the name of Sky-Drone’s most advanced Flight Controller.  Kirill introduces us to this innovative technology.
  • 06:06 Kirill gives us several reasons whcy AirLink stands out among others as a high performance flight controller.
  • 08:42 Connectivity is AirLink’s most innovative features.  It can connect with with hand conrollers and cloud based systems that allow more people to participate in the data collecdtion or review.
  • 10:11 Kirill talks about the autonomous functions of AirLink.
  • 10:48 A recent partnership between Sky-Drones and Amazon Web Services provides greater efficiencies.  Kirill discusses the benefits of the partnership to both companies.
  • 12:21 Integration with the Internet of Things (IOT) can provide subdstantial data collections advantages.  Look for more integrations as 4G and 5G is expanded.
  • 14:27 AirLink is Sky-Drone’s centerpiece product.  Kirill talks about other products that are designed to support Airlink.
  • 15:39 Industries that have and are benefitting most by using AirLink.
  • 16:33 Kirill offers his perspective on how the company was started 8 years ago, how its grown and working with clients.
  • 18:42 Advice to other entreprenuers.
  • 19:17 What’s next for Sky-Drones
  • 20:17 Closing – What message does Kirill have regarding the drone industry.

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