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Become A Commercial UAV Videographer – John D. Deans

John DeansDo you want to be a Commercial Drone Videographer?

Then you’re going to want to listen close to what today’s guest has to say

John Deans has spent more than three decades in the IT industry and has alst been a private pilot. In 1999 he founded a rural computer consulting business. In 2014, he decided to merge his technology skills with his love for flying and launched his new business, Central Texas Drones. Now, after achieving success as a videographer, John has written a book, called “Become a U.S. Commercial Drone Pilot. On this episode of the Drone Radio Show, John talks about his book, how he developed a successful aerial videography business and how drones can many us money too.

In This Episode

  • [02:16] Why the Book Was Written. John explains that “Become a U.S. Commercial Drone Pilot” was written to fill a void in this area. The book is based on the lessons that John learned in developing his own drone videography business.
  • [06:27] What’s in the Book. The book provides a comprehensive check list of what you need to do start a commercial drone videography businesses. There are 23 chapters that focus on all aspects of starting, running and building a drone based business. There are chapters on creating your business plan, the markets for video products, flying and videography techniques, safety and regulations, finding customers, marketing and pricing and a whole host of other topics.
  • [08:09] What You Should Know Before You Start. Those seeking to create a drone based business should understand the time and the commitment that is needed to schedule appointments, meet with clients, shoot at the best time of the day and marketing their business.
  • [09:12] Techniques. John discusses some of the lessons learned and the techniques that he had to master to become an effective videographer, including smooth video editing, different camera shots and angles, and more.
  • [13:84] Client Relations and Maximizing Sales. John discusses the needs for strong client relations and customer service. He describes some of the added products a videographer can develop to enhance the client experience and make more money.
  • [15:34] Running The Business. John discusses some of the requirements of running a small business, such as the accounting software, record keeping, incorporation and licenses.
  • [15:53] Writing the Book. John talks about the process of writing this book. The book can be found on all major on-line e-book distributors as well as in hard copy in some book stores.
  • [17:51] Who Should Buy the Book. Newcomers to the drone videography business are the best candidates for this book. Especially a person interested in aerial videography, but who hasn’t yet started the business, as the book will give them a good insight into the business requirements.
  • [18:57] Common Mistakes. For most new videographers, the most common mistake is not taking enough footage when on a shoot. Too many things can happen that will spoil a shot, so it’s best to have a lot of footage to compensate. Practice will improve technique and clients response will almost always let you know if you’re improving.
  • [20:35] Cost of Entry. Be prepared to spend $5,000-$10,000 on drones, batteries and support equipment. John recommends having two drones in case where one may not be able to fly.
  • [22:01] The Markets. John talks about the markets for video products. Right now, real estate offers the quickest way for videographers to make money. He also talks about the challenges of shooting real estate sites less than 3 acres in size and recommends parcels of at least 5 acres.
  • [23:39] Another Book on the Horizon. John is researching the role of videography and aerial imaging in the agri-business industry. He hopes that will lead to another book focusing on that market for videgraphers.
  • [25:30] Closing

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John Deans with his drones.
John Deans with his drones.
John Deans Image of A Hacienda
John Deans Image of A Hacienda

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