Linda Ziemba is founder and CEO of AeroDefense, a New Jersey-based company that provides a proven drone detection solution for locating a drone and pilot simultaneously. The technology is named AirWarden™, and it uses passive radio frequency detection methods to detect and locate known and unknown drones without demodulating or decoding signals. The Department of Homeland Security recently recognized AirWarden with a Developmental Testing and Evaluation SAFETY Act Designation. The designation provides AirWarden users, who choose to take advantage, full immunity from liability claims alleging technology failure in the event of a terror attack. AirWarden is the first and only drone detection solution to be on the DHS SAFETY Act “approved technologies” list.  AirWarden is currently deployed at MetLife Stadium and correctional facilities in Georgia and Massachusetts.

Linda’s experience spans internet security, telecommunications and entrepreneurship, at companies including Websense, Secure Computing, Finjan, AT&T and Lucent Technologies. Prior to founding AeroDefense in 2015, she served as a key executive for LiveLOOK, a collaboration software company. Linda’s leadership across sales, marketing, and general operations resulted in numerous contracts with global financial services, telecommunications and computer firms, and ultimately acquisition by Oracle in 2014. In this edition of the Drone Radio Show, Linda talks about the company’s proven AirWarden technology, how AeroDefense pivoted to stay within Federal regulations for Counter UAS and the challenges and opportunities of creating a Counter UAS company.

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