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AI & Drone Powered Facade Inspections

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“What artificial intelligence allows you to do is really look at the red flags right there in front of you. So allowing T2D2 to use its proprietary artificial intelligence to identify what the big problems are – to save all that time  that you would spend manually reviewing your drone inspection imagery – really is a game changer. .”

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This Week’s Key Question

“How do you simplify material-failure detection?”

This Week’s Guests

Jonathan Ehrlich is COO of T2D2, a software-as-a-service company that that uses artificial intelligence to identify and assess damage and deterioration to buildings and structures.

Before becoming COO, Jonathan served as the Director of Strategy, Corporate Development and Partnerships at ButterflyMX, a leader in real estate software technology. Prior, he specialized in the financing and development of mega infrastructure and real estate projects. He served as the Director of Budget and Risk Management for the $3.9B Mario M. Cuomo Bridge to replace the Tappan Zee. Prior to that he served as Special Assistant to the Chairman of the New York State Thruway Authority where he was responsible for Board oversight of the $1.5B multi-year capital program and pavement condition rating system. He holds a BA from Tufts University and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

What We Learn

T2D2 applies data from more than 50 years of building inspection and forensic investigation work. The data is now available to property and portfolio owners and managers as well as municipalities to identify deterioration early and throughout the life of an asset. T2D2 makes it easier, quicker and less expensive to inspect structures by identifying damage and defects before they become major issues.  Their software automatically detects visible damage in concrete, steel and masonry structures.

T2D2 was established within Thornton Tomasetti, a global design and engineering firm with more than 50 years experience in structural design.  Initially part of the Core Studio incubator, T2D2 was commercialized as a separate entity through the firm’s accelerator program.

In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Jonathan talks about T2D2, the company’s AI inspection services and how that technology is simplifying the façade and infrastructure inspections.   

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Show Notes
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  • 04:09   Introduction to Jonathan Ehrlich, COO of T2D2, what T2D2 does and how the company got its start.
  • 04:54   Originally, T2D2 was part of Thornton Tomasetti, a global design and engineering firm. Jonathan shares the story of how and why Thornton Tomasetti created a new company.
  • 06:48   How are inspections conducted, who does them and what sort of data preparation is needed to allow the AI to perform as intended.
  • 09:40   Brief overview of T2D2’s typical clients and how they’re using the platform.
  • 14:52    Curious as to the story behind the company’s name, T2D2?
  • 15:32    Thornton Tomasetti’s technology transfer initiative and why it was used to spin out T2D2.
  • 16:35    How Jonathan became involved with T2D2 – what attracted him to the opportunity?
  • 19:32    AI is great, but it has limitations.  Jonathan discusses how to manage clients’ expectations of what AI can do while still giving them something to be excited about.
  • 23:30   What’s next for T2D2 / Special Announcements
  • 24:33   T2D2’s Façade Inspection service using AI and standards that the company has developed to ensure consistency and provide value to the customer.
  • 27:44   Jonathan  shares lessons learned to date as COO of a start-up.  Advice to other entrepreneurs – Teamwork is key!
  • 29:19   Closing – Jonathan’s message on the future of the drone industry.

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