teppei Seki

“In Japan, mobile network companies are in a very strong position, like T-Mobile, Sprint, ATT and Verizon.  And because KDI and other mobile companies see the drone as the next flying smart phone, and they want to put IOT sensors on them.”

Teppei Seki

THIs Week’s Key Question

“What Are Terra Drone’s Plans for Inspections & UTM?”

This Week’s Guests

Teppei Seki is Chief Operating Officer at Terra Drone, a leading commercial drone services company with headquarters in Japan and presence in more than 20 countries. Terra Drones provides innovative drone solutions like aerial surveys, infrastructure inspection, thermal mapping, UAV data processing for a wide variety of industries.  Teppei joined Terra Drone in 2016, after 10 years with parent company, Terra Motors, Japan’s leading electric vehicle manufactures.   Terra Drone’s world wide operations are huge, much more than I could cover in a single podcast.  S

What We Learn

We focus on Terra Drone’s recently announced plan to provide automated inspection and air mobility solutions to INPEX, a leading energy company in Asia.  We compare Asia and European markets and we touch on Terra Drone’s UTM solutions.

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