A Career In The Drone Industry: Tariq Rashid, Skyward

Are you thinking about a career in the drone industry and wondering how to get started? Today’s guest is Tariq Rashid who works with Skyward (Portland), an information management company for today’s UAV networks. In this episode of the Drone Radio Show, Tariq describes how transitioned from the U.S. Navy as a helicopter pilot to a position with Skyward. His story provides lessons for others seeking a rewarding career in the drone industry.

Show Outline

  • [01:02] Background Tariq Rashid and Skyward
  • [01:39] How a conference led to an opportunity.
  • [04:13] Military Flying Experience – help or hindrance in flying a drone?
  • [06:16] Role with Skyward
  • [08:05] Rewards of working in the drone industry and personal goals?
  • 09:32] How to position yourself for a career in the drone industry?
  • [10:41] Advice for those looking for a job
  • [12:00] Closing

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Tariq Rashid completes a training cycling with a drone.

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